Pregnancy Services: Plan your Pregnancy with Purpose

Photo credit:   Emily Sacco

Photo credit: Emily Sacco

As humans, it's our instinct to fear the unknown.

There is approximately 100,000 years of human existence (specifically as homo sapiens) and consequently, 100,000 years of births, yet pregnancy and birth today is still one of the most terrifyingly beautiful experiences for a woman to go through.

Why is that? 

Well, there is more information available to us than ever before in human history (at our fingertips, nonetheless).  There are trained experts and classes at every corner such as prenatal yoga, child birthing classes, midwives, acupuncturists, chiropractors, parenting coaches, and the list goes on and on.

Looking to the Internet for help is second nature to most these days. Finding unbiased information or figuring out if a provider is right for you is a different story. Sifting through all that information to gain something useful and meaningful for your pregnancy is overwhelming at best. 

How do you choose? What is best for YOUR pregnancy? 

You've already got your bases cover, right?

Photo credit:  Emily Sacco

Photo credit: Emily Sacco

The unique Maternity Maven approach helps you figure out what provider you would best benefit from and puts YOU in the drivers seat of your pregnancy. It's the one-stop-shop you need to organize your pregnancy from the very beginning and to keep you on track and accountable when life inevitably gets busy. 

My holistic and expertise training allows me to know how to distill all that information into prioritized and actionable tasks that I know can empower you to:

  • Feel confident and empowered
  • Find more time in your day
  • Keep your romance on fire
  • Minimize stress, fatigue, and baby brain
  • Lessen risk of health complications
  • Reduce chances of unwanted birth interventions 
  • Decrease toxic load on your baby 
  • And more

When you work with me, you become part of my sisterhood.

 You become my highest priority and I ensure you get the high-touch support that you won't find in our healthcare system. 

During your pregnancy, I guide you with the customized support and attention you have been searching for. This can include, but is not limited to: 

Photo credit:  Laura Woody

Photo credit: Laura Woody

  • Frequent 1-on-1 meetings to address your most pressing concerns 
  • Natural and safe herbal protocols and other remedies to soothe your acute symptoms 
  • Holistic pregnancy plans and resources that cater to your unique needs
  • Powerful accountability tools that keep you focused and reduce stress later on 
  • Magnificent Mama Mindset skills that facilitate confidence in you and allow your baby to feel more relaxed 
  • Customized meal plans and personalized recipes specific for your trimester of pregnancy and your body's constitution
  • And other fun surprises and helpful tips that support you in having your perfect pregnancy!

While your baby is growing inside you, it's nervous system is limbically imprinted or "programmed" with every sensation and feeling you experience. It would be impossible to live in peaceful meditation for the 9 months gestation. However, the more we can facilitate all aspects of your pregnancy with calm, love, and ease the more we can give your baby the foundation to program those emotions in their little body so they can deeply know down to their bones love and tranquility before they even meet you.

Some people look at this over-resourced, over-informnd age we live in and feel overwhelm and anxiety. I look at the available tools, research, and time-tested strategies and feel inspired and confidentWe don't have to leave our pregnancies up to chance any longer.

Reach out to me today to discover if I could be the right resource to guide, nourish, and provide purpose for your beautiful pregnancy.