The 6-Step Transformational Participatory Approach

Nutritional Therapy. "You are what you eat". You might be sick of hearing this modern tagline, but you also (perhaps reluctantly) know it contains some truth.  You emotional body, the backbone of what is going to get you through your journey and set up your baby with a healthy foundation, is rooted in your cellular structure and nutrient stores.  

Don't run away just yet! I won't sell you on some super-food-kale-and-green-juice-unattainable-and-soul-sucking-diet. I was/am a chef and foodie before I became the Maternity Maven and deeply understand your passionate love affair with food. 

What we do together is take a honest look at your current diet to give us a real snap shot of where you are at. Together we find small spaces where change can be made. With years of experience in my personal chef  business, I know how to make food not only nutritious, but mouth-watering delicious. Over time these small steps add up to make a huge impact on your health and your life. 

Botanical Medicine.  As a vitalist clinical herbalist, I have a unique approach to herbal medicine.  Instead of using "herbal bandages" to allopathically cover up every symptom you may experience, I craft protocols with safe and gentle plants that will be specialized to your constitution and that address the underlying roots that are causing your morning sickness, chronic fatigue, achy body, lactation insufficiency, etc. 

As my client, I may recommend flower essences, essential oils, and/or bulk herbs that will deeply nourish your vitality based on what is safest for the stage you are at and your familiarity with plants. Whether the herbs are taken in sweet honey, nourishing teas, diffused into your home, added into your favorite body lotion, or snuck into your daily meals, you are the guide in facilitating what will be effective in your life and not add one more task to your day. 

Food Based Supplements. Taking supplements can be hard to remember and costly at a time when "baby brain" may be at full force and budgets are tight. I promise I won't add frivolous supplements to your laundry list of items to do everyday. I only suggest nutrients if non-biased research has shown it's overwhelming efficacy with whatever you may be struggling with.

My background in food and nutrition allows me to understand at what point your diet starts being insufficient for your changing body's needs and when modern nutritional medicine can step in. Our bodies recognize, absorb, and assimilate real food-based nutrients which is why I will always suggest these over artificially manufactured nutritional supplements. 

And although I am a brand loyal consumer, I am not associated with or get compensation from any supplement company. This means my recommendations are based upon your budget and the results I have seen with top-quality brands.  

Stress Management. Whether its been your dream to be a stay-at-home-mom or your heading back to the office 6 weeks postpartum, there is no debating that having a baby is going to turn your life upside down. It is critical to establish stress management strategies that work for you before and during your pregnancy. This way you have already created neural pathways of healthy habits that are literally life-saving during the inevitable stressful moments of parenthood. 

Yoga and meditation are amazing tools that are changing lives all over the world, but these tools aren't for everyone and aren't always helpful in the heat of the moment. Stress management is a lifestyle that is made up of small habits that reduce the stressors that are individual to you.

We work together to get really clear on what your triggers of stress are and strategize in-the-moment ways as well as a long-term plan of how you can be in control of your stress instead of it having control over you. 

Lifestyle Changes. Some women have happy, healthy, and complication-free pregnancies. However, many women end up with debilitating symptoms, autoimmune conditions, or other life-long complication from their pregnancy. Pregnancy is the perfect storm of your immune system lowering, your body becoming more vulnerable, and your baby pulling all the vital nutrients it needs from your own stores. 

We look at your current lifestyle and habits and see what could potential pose as a risk for you and your baby. We craft a strategy around how to exchange some of your current habits during this time for new ones that can minimize the risk of complications and increase the chances of having a healthy baby. 

Community Building. You don't have to move to a commune,  but mothers who have strong support systems are much more successful at managing the emotional, mental, and physical demands of maternity. 

As your life and priorities are changing, so are your needs and support system. It's hard to anticipate what you will want or require along your journey, but it's incredibly helpful to know what resources are available to you so you are prepared to meet them when you need it. 

I support you in figuring out what community means to you and prepare you for the changes that might occur in the community you currently depend on.