Setting the foundation for your motherhood.


You may be feeling isolated, unsure of what's to come, and possibly even questioning if you'll be up to the monumental task and journey that is motherhood.

What if I told you that you are not alone?

That there are expectant and new mothers everywhere that feel that building pressure and almost insurmountable anxiety weighing on their shoulders. 

The truth is, birth comes with baggage and a lot of "what if's": "What if I don't bond with my baby?", "What if I'm not a good parent?", "What if I don't love my next baby as much as my first one?", "What if I pass on all my worst traits onto this tiny human being?".  

That is normal, I promise.

Each and every new mother has their own version of what an amazing mama is (and that's okay). What I can tell you is that to elevate your best self, whether you are a mama or not, you need a foundation of:

  • Personalized nutrition that supports YOUR unique body
  • Effective systems of support that nourish you as you change and grow
  • Functional lifestyle habits that feed your soul and facilitate your joy  

That's what Maternity Maven is about.

I'm not here to teach you how to parent (you'll figure that out based on your beliefs, values, and experience)... I'm here to provide you with the best support, knowledge, and empowerment tools available so that you be the best mama you can be.