Expecting more for your baby.

A transformational pregnancy connects your family on a deeper level and allows your baby to grow up nourished, supported, and vital. Nurtured babies grow up with the foundation they need to leave their impact on the world.

At Maternity Maven, we believe that changing the world is not impossible if we start at the beginning.


holistic Help

Motherhood is not a single task or experience, but a collective of them, so support for mamas should be well-rounded, too. From nutrition, herbal protocols, alternative practices, and customized sessions, I help moms from conception to birth and beyond.


Tools & tips

Preparing and receiving your little one is a precious time that doesn't allow for "do-overs". Knowing this, moms come to me so I can provide them sanity-saving tools and tips, like natural fertility protocols, partner cooking classes, lactation meal plans, and infant massage lessons.


Information & wisdom

In a world with too much information and not enough validation, it's hard to keep up with what's truly best for your baby. I'll guide you with a balanced toolkit of traditional techniques and modern research so you can effectively navigate the unpredictable sea of motherhood.